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Information Systems and Analytics is among the most in-demand majors today. More than ever before, organizations are seeking to derive actionable insights from large amounts of data to maintain their competitive advantage. Multiple career tracks in the Information Systems and Analytics Degree allow students to customize their education to fit their interests, develop new skills, and enhance their marketability to employers in a wide range of fields.  Join us today to be a part of one of the most exciting fields that mixes working with technology and people across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

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Information Systems and Analytics, B.S.

Analytics students learn how to use statistical and analytical tools to formulate descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive models, apply optimization techniques and effectively communicate insights to aid decision making.

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Our Mission

Develop leaders who are distinctively prepared to actively engage with and create value in their communities.

  • Develop Leaders imbued with excellence, possessing a global perspective and a spirit of innovation.
  • Engage students through active learning applied / pedagogical research, meaningful internship experiences or business development opportunities.
  • Create Value within each student across multiple performance dimensions, including; communication skills, technical competence and critical thinking.

Program Learning Outcomes

At the successful conclusion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate real world business situations related to the core business functions of accounting, economics, finance, qualitative analysis, information systems, international business, legal and social environments, marketing & management.
  • Analyze real world business situations by identifying relevant business issues, performing appropriate quantitative and qualitative data analysis and synthesis, formulating viable courses of action.
  • Create and deliver professional quality oral presentations and written work products.
  • Analyze real world business situations by identifying relevant ethical issues, evaluating and synthesizing information, and formulating ethical courses of action.
  • Define personal career goals and prepare for selected career(s) by experiencing professional applications in the curriculum and developing increased networks.
  • Analyze an unstructured business problem or opportunity and integrate current and emerging technology and/or processes that would facilitate a viable solution. Support the recommended course of action with quantitative and qualitative arguments.
  • Pass at least one industry certification that relates to the student’s career path


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Matt Harris

Program Director


Phone: 435-652-7992